Grease Monkey Heaven!

A friend suggested that I register the Flat Top and drive it for a while before working on it.  As tempting as that was, The more I Iooked at it, the more I was convinced that this was a bad idea.  The rear right freeze plug was badly rusted and there were numerous bolts which were loose.  In fact I watched the freeze plug slowly drip water today! The engine was running on 7 cylinders and the carb was leaking fuel.

IMG_1786 IMG_1787IMG_1788 IMG_1794

I decided instead to make a start on removing the engine.  I spent about 8 hours today working on it.  I removed the condenser, radiator, power steering pump, generator and AC compressor and hoses.  The starter motor was particularly greasy!  I also disconnected the exhaust system and removed the bolts from the flex plate and lower bell housing.  I only had one bolt break off, which was one of the AC brackets bolts which also hold the water pump (no big surprise).  The other bracket bolts which also hold the water pump are rusty, so they will all be replaced.  All that is remaining now is to remove the TV rod and unbolt the engine mounts.

20150404_145509 IMG_1799

Although the engine is coming out, I have decided to leave the transmission in the car.  The previous owner told me that the transmission was rebuilt, and today when I removed the lower cover it was spotlessly clean. The bell housing is also clean, so I no reason to assume this is not the case.

While the engine is out I will also clean up the engine bay and give it a coat of fresh paint.  The engine itself is covered in grease and crud, as is the front end.  I hope by the end of it all I will have an engine bay to be proud of.  The engine hood is not aligned properly, so I will fix this also.

I bought a 1.5 ton crane last week to remove the engine, however when I assembled it, there were two bolts which were the incorrect length.  Because they are structural members, this will prevent me being able to remove the engine until I can get the correct size bolts, which is incredibly frustrating.

Isky’s in the house!

I have already bought many of the parts needed for the engine – basically the items which are not dependent of the size of existing components.  One of the most exciting parts is an Iskenderian 262H Supercam.  Just a little bit more than stock, but nothing crazy (see the spec sheet below).  It should work well with the other mods I am planning.

Once I have the engine apart I will know what size pistons,rings and main bearings are needed.

IMG_1796  IMG_1797 IMG_1798


2 thoughts on “Grease Monkey Heaven!

  1. Just saw this page. Who posted it and do they have heaps of engine bay photos. I’m trying to put one back together that was apart when I got it.


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