Little bit more on the Cad today.  I removed the TV rod, and also the two engine mount nuts.  That means there is nothing holding the engine in the car except a couple of bolts through the bell housing. I also removed the front lower shrouds (the lower panels between the bumper and the radiator) as it looks like they need a fresh coat of paint.  I gave them a once over with a wire brush, cleaned them and primed them ready for some black paint.

IMG_1801 IMG_1807

Today I also decided to try and repair the front wheel arch inner rear panels.  These panels were missing from the car, so I sourced a pair from Canada, however one had terminal rust at the bottom corner – this is where the water and mud is thrown up from the tyre.


I spend more a couple of hours hammering with a dolly to shape a panel using some zincalume I had in the shed.  The curvature of the panel is in three directions, so there was a lot of shaping needed to get it to match up with the existing panel.


This challenge also gave me a chance to try out my new CIG 135A MIG welder.  The zincalume is not good for welding, but I like a challenge!  Add to that the fact that I am pretty rusty on welding and it was never going to be a supermodel.  I left the welds all a little proud to make it stronger – the panel will be painted with stone guard once installed so it wont matter.

IMG_1803 IMG_1804 IMG_1805 IMG_1808

The results look OK however the pics don’t really show the complexity of the panel shape.  I guess I will really find out how well I have done when I try to fit it to the car!  I decided not to drill the large hole until I can see how well it fits.

I also had a call today from Steve (the guy I bought the crane from), and he suggested I pack the bolts with washers.  I asked him if he knew where I could get 50mm worth of washers, because that is what I need to take up!  He then told me I could go to the hardware store and buy some bolts, so I kindly informed him that they don’t have M16 bolts at Bunnings.  The measure of a seller is their customer service…..this one is a fail.  I will sort it out myself tomorrow.

Next step is to remove the engine I think.  The challenge is going to be finding someone to help me remove the engine hood first as everyone is back at work tomorrow.


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