Face Off

So I did a little bit of checking with the crane today.  As I had already realized, it did not have enough reach because of the long front on the Cad.  With the crane up against the bumper, I am still way short.

IMG_1810  IMG_1811

The only answer is to remove the offending bumper bar and front cross member.

IMG_1812  IMG_1813  IMG_1814

The front bumper assemble came off really easy – just 4 big bolts.  The crane made it so much easier!  It is amazing how much air there is at the front of this car between the bumper bar and the radiator support.  I guess they were trying to make a statement.

I then sat for 5 and had a good look at it.  The engine will slide forward if I removed the radiator support panel, however there are a number of other panels attached to it, including the fenders.  I fear that everything would start to move around if I remove that panel – it really is a key dimensional support for the front end of the car.

I think I am going to chicken out and remove the engine hood – it is misaligned anyway so it won’t matter if it comes off.  My biggest issue is where to store it once removed.  My shed is already fairly full, and I need to leave enough room to work on the engine.  I think I will have to get creative.  Once the hood is removed, the engine will be able to come up and over the radiator support.

The sun came out this afternoon so I also took the opportunity to paint the front lower shrouds which were primed on Sunday.  I painted them black on the top surface, and gave them a coat of sound deadener on the bottom as they were already partially painted with this stuff.



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