Remove Remaining Welch Plugs from the Block

Welch Plugs

Just a quick task tonight – to remove the remaining welch plugs.

The first ones were the tiny plugs which seal up the lifter oil galleries.  First thing to do is drill a hole in the centre of the plug.

IMG_1902  IMG_1903

Next step is to screw in something which will bite into the plug – I used a roofing screw.

IMG_1904  IMG_1905

Next you need to find something which will allow you to pull the plug out.  If you had a slide hammer you could use that.  I don’t, so I used a crowbar and a piece of timber.  The timber is to ensure that there is no risk of any surfaces being damaged.  A couple of quick jabs and the plug is out!

IMG_1907  IMG_1909 IMG_1910

Once this was done, I needed to remove the rear plug, and also the freeze plug behind it which provides access when installing the new plugs.  I used a hollow aluminium shaft and a couple of good taps with a hammer.  Once the small welch plug was out, I pushed further through to the domed freeze plug, which popped out easily.  I then moved onto the domed freeze plug behind the camshaft – you can see this in the last picture to the right of the aluminium shaft.  To get this plug out, I gave it a couple of good hits in the centre (from the  outside) and then used a piece of PVC pipe through the cam bearings to knock it out.

Next step is to clean the block….inside and out!

IMG_1911  IMG_1914


I dropped off the heads earlier  this week to be cleaned and crack tested at Head2Head in Clayton South.  The proprietor Peter is an absolute gentleman who has been doing heads for 25 years.  He is going to clean and crack test the heads, and then remove the valves and check them.  His first impressions were that we could comfortably use the same valves.

Once this is done I will pick up the heads and bring them home so I can do a little bit of work on the ports, polish the combustion chambers and gasket match the inlet ports.  Once this is done they will go back to him for a 3 angle valve job and final assembly.


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