Simple Green Crankshaft Clean…..

I left the crankshaft in the Simple Green for 24 hours.  It was noticeably cleaner, but not as clean as I wanted so I brushed it with a stiff brush all over to agitate it and put it back in the Simple Green…..another 24 hours and hey presto!

IMG_1942  IMG_1943 IMG_1944

There are still a couple of small stubborn spots, but this is clean enough for me!

Last night I built the oil pump with the rebuild kit I bought.  Pretty straight forward and simple.  I am using the Amsoil assembly lube to build the engine, and this was the first opportunity to use it.  Nice stuff, and sticky enough that it will stay around until the engine is started.

Tonight I loaded the bare block into my wife’s car.  Tomorrow it is going to visit John Sidney Racing, who will hot wash and crack test it as well as change the cam bearings.  I am also going to ask them to clean the pistons and rods, and then change them over as per my calculations.

IMG_1945  IMG_1946

The rocker arms have been soaking in the dirty Simple Green for 24 hours, so I puled them out to have a look.  They were better than when they went in, but it seems to lose its punch as it gets loaded with grease and slime.  I mixed up another small batch and placed them in it.  We will see how they look in 24 hours.



2 thoughts on “Simple Green Crankshaft Clean…..

  1. I would have those crankshaft journals checked by a specialist just to be sure, look a bit scored IMO (could just be due to Hi Magnification pics ? ) . better safe than sorry!


    1. Hi Mick, I am glad to announce that there is no scoring on the journals. There seems to be a micro layer of white metal on the journal surface (not surprising) which appeared as a dull satin surface finish after sitting in the Simple Green. I polished one with a cloth and it came up like new. I will post a picture when I get a chance. 🙂


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