Clean and Paint….

After a freezing morning watching my 9 year old play a great game of football, I decided today would be about preparing some of the bolt on bits.

I started with the oil filter housing and pipes, which have been sitting in Simple Green for a week.  They came out pretty clean, so all I needed to do was run over them with a wire brush running is the electric drill to clean the old paint off.  Under the paint the cannister is in great condition with minimal surface rust.  I primed it using VHT Engine Enamel Primer.

IMG_2020  IMG_2021 IMG_2022

After the Oil Filter Cannister, the next item was the Oil Breather Pipe which the Fuel Pump also mounts to.  It cleaned up easily as it also sat in Simple Green for a week.  After running it over with the wire brush I primed it.

IMG_2026  IMG_2027

You know what it like when you have a can of paint in your hand… wanna paint!  I cleaned up and primed the Valley Cover and then got the new Water Pump out of the plastic bag.

IMG_2030  IMG_2029

I had a look at the Thermostat Housing was in a pretty crappy state.  These things seem pretty hard to come by unless they are second hand, so I decided to clean it up.  There was a lot of corrosion on it, so it took a good 1/2 hour to wore brush, file and grind it back to something that resembled a Thermostat Housing.

IMG_2031  IMG_2032 IMG_2033  IMG_2034 IMG_2035

Why Stop Now?

With all of these primed items, I decided to apply some top coat to the items.  So much more exciting than primer.  I have decided on the colour scheme of the engoine, and the auxiliary items will be VHT Cast iron, so I gave the Oil Filter Cannister, Lid and Pipes three coats.

IMG_2041  IMG_2040 IMG_2039  IMG_2038

Next was the Water Pump, Thermostat Housing and Valley Cover.  These items, along with the Motor will be painted VHT Burnt Copper.  I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I want the engine bay to be a little more exciting than than a standard Cadillac.  I have a couple of other little surprises in store for you as we go along, but this will do for now.

IMG_2036  IMG_2037

I have left these just painted in the Burnt Copper.  I did a few experiments a while ago and found that when you cleat coat the VHT colours, they come alive with another dimension.  I am going to clear coat the engine along with these items once it is all together.

Sump (Oil Pan)

The Sump has been looking at me from the floor of the shed for weeks, so I decided to start cleaning that as well.  It has a lot of baked on oil and dirt, so I started with a can of degreaser, a stiff brush and the garden hose.  It took quite a while before I started to break through the grime and see some blue paint.  Once I had got the worst of it off I put it into the tub of Simple Green.

The Simple Green started to move around like it was on the stove and about to boil.  I took a video so you can see what I mean.  I looked 15 minutes later and it had stopped.  I can only assume it is a reaction between the degreaser and the Simple Green.


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