The Devil is in the Detail!

I rebuilt the Oil Pump a couple of weeks ago, which was pretty straight forward and simple.  The bolts holding the plate on were a little loose in the threads, and didn’t really convince me that they were OK.  I decided to re-visit the pump, so I opened up the Workshop Manual to have a quick read…..just to make sure I got it right.

During the reassembly process, the manual talked about installing a felt seal onto the Oil Pickup Pipe before inserting it into the pump.  I remember thinking that it was a bit strange that the Oil Pickup Pipe didn’t have an o-ring or something to ensure it didn’t suck air, however the rebuild kit didn’t have any seals in it, so I guessed you didn’t need one.  Wrong!

I had a look in the Engine Rebuild Gasket Kit, and found a felt ring which was just the right size to fit over the Oil Pickup Pipe, and it interestingly looked a lot like the seal in the picture.  I installed it on the pipe…..and it looked just like it was meant to be there!

I don’t know how long the felt seal will last – felt is not one of the worlds best seal materials as far as I know 😉  I guess because it relies on the random matting of the fibres rather than adhesives to hold it together it should last a while.

I also took one of the bolts holding the plate of the oil pump on out last night.  The top of the threads look a bit worn and the top of the threads are rounded off rather than a sharp point.  I picked up some new 1/4″ bolts today from Dandy Bolts.  They are a little bit tighter in the threads than the original ones, and tightened up more positively.  I would call that a cheap insurance policy!   The plate coming loose would be a disaster.

This is a good reminder to me before I start putting the engine back together that the Devil is always in the detail!

IMG_2044  IMG_2045

Engine Block

Had a call from John Sidney Racing today.  The block was all ready to go so I picked it up  🙂 They hot tanked it, skimmed the deck and installed the Cam Bearings.  They noted their concerns around using the old pistons.  The bores are not perfectly round or parallel, which I am of course aware of (see my earlier post).  They would have been much happier if I bought a set of .030″ oversize pistons and bored the block out.  I understand that this would be the best option, however it is also another $1000 for pistons and machining.

It was a little bit tighter getting it out of the boot of my sedan, but we got there.  It is now back on the engine stand waiting for the Flex-Hone to arrive.

I checked the cam bearing installation and noticed that the oil hole for every bearing is only 50% aligned with the hole in the block.  Not too fussed about this as I have heard of this as a common trick to help maintain oil pressure and push plenty to the rest of the engine.

IMG_2042  IMG_2043


I dropped the Heads off this morning to Head2Head so he can re-machine the seats and assemble the heads.  He had a look at the porting I had done, and reassured me that it looked pretty good.  We also discussed CC’ing the chambers, however he talked me out of it suggesting that it was not necessary for a street engine.  He could have just as easily talked me into it, which I guess is why I trust him.


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