Exhaust Manifolds….where NOT to take them for Thermal Barrier Coating

Let me state up front that I will not lie.  When I get great customer service I tell everyone, but I will also not hold back when someone’s customer service sucks.  Here is one such experience…..

You may recall from an earlier post that I dropped off my exhaust manifolds just over a week ago to be ceramic coated.  I deliberately held back from saying where I dropped them off because I had a feeling all may not be well.  Let me fill you in….

A friend recommended Modern Plating (4-6 King St, Oakleigh) to have the manifolds thermal barrier coated.  I rang them for a quote, and was told that I would need to bring them in to get a price.  Strange indeed, but I thought I would go with it based on the recommendation I had.

I went in on Saturday 23rd May, and the guy (Harry) quoted me $300 for the pair, and one week.  I had previously been quoted $240 for the pair so I told him that it seemed a little expensive compared to the other quote I had, but he didn’t really care.  I decided that I was already there so I would go ahead with it as their location was more convenient (close to home).

I rang the following Friday to confirm that they were ready, but there was no answer.  I rang again later in the day and Harry answered the phone.  I told him who I was and that I wanted to confirm the manifolds were ready to pick up on Saturday, and was surprised at the response….”I am with a customer right now – can you call back in 5 minutes?”.  Wow.  I didn’t call back in 5 minutes.

I called back on Saturday morning and Harry told me that they were ready.  When I arrived they were sitting on the counter in bubble wrap.  I opened them up and was a little disappointed to see that the insides were not fully coated.  I guess this was my fault because I did not specifically ask for it.

Harry came out to the counter and asked how much he had quoted me, and I replied $300 for the pair.  He then replied “that will be $330”.  I questioned what he was talking about, and he informed me that he had to add GST.

I responded that retail prices always include GST, and that he had never mentioned adding GST previously.  After a little more discussion, he said he would do them for $300, however I could see the disgruntled look on his face, so I told him to take the $330.  It obviously meant more to him.

The whole customer experience with Modern Plating has been pretty poor, but to then have 10% added right at the end when I am about to pay is straight out misleading.  I regret not walking out the door and taking my business elsewhere at the start.

I would encourage anyone considering doing business with this clown to go somewhere else.  There are a number of other companies in Melbourne who offer thermal barrier coatings, and they may even treat you like a valued customer!

IMG_2144  IMG_2145


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