Feelin’ Dizzy….

I pulled the distributor parts out of the Simple Green bath tonight.  They look pretty good, so I dried them all off with compressed air, and sprayed the internal parts with some WD-40 to ensure I don’t get any surface rust.  I also decided to paint the main distributor housing straight away.

Winter has just officially started in Melbourne, and it has started pretty quickly – it is cold and a little damp.  In order to be able to paint I have to make sure the parts are totally dry, and a little bit warmer than ambient, which was around 10 degrees Celsius.  I used my heat gun to warm the housing a little, and gave it a couple of light coats of primer.

I followed this up with a couple of minutes with the heat gun to flash it off and also keep it warmer than ambient.  After a 2 or 3 of minutes I blew a couple of coats of VHT Cast Iron Engine Enamel on it.  A few more minutes with the heat gun and then a coat of VHT Engine Enamel Clear Coat and we were done.

It’s looking better already!

IMG_2146 IMG_2147


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