Finishing Off The Bottom End

Oil Pump

The next item on the installation list is the oil pump.  I rebuilt the pump many weeks ago now, and it has been sitting on the bench wrapped in plastic waiting for the engine to be ready for it.

IMG_2243  IMG_2244 IMG_2246  IMG_2248

I couldn’t find the original nuts, but found a couple of new nuts and spring washers in my stash.  I gave the gasket a thin coat of my favourite sealant…Peramtex Aviation Form-a-Gasket (everytime I smell this stuff it takes me back to building engines with my oldest brother 30 years ago)…before dropping the pump on the studs.  Did the bolts up nice and tight and the jobs done.

Next is the oil pickup including it’s felt washer.  This item simply slips on and is retained with a split pin.  I wonder how long this felt washer will last, keeping in mind that there was nothing there when I disassembled it.

For giggles I added my signature to the cover plate of the pump….not sure how long it will last.

IMG_2249  IMG_2252 IMG_2253  IMG_2254

Next item is the windage tray.  This is a pretty straight forward install.  I used new spring washers just to make sure it doesn’t come loose.

IMG_2255  IMG_2256

It is now ready to close it all up with the sump. 🙂


The Pertronix items arrived, so its time to finish assembling the distributor.  There is an additional adapter plate included in the box which is required for this distributor.  I installed this first.


Next I needed to open up the rubber grommet to accommodate the two wires from the Ignitor III (it originally only had one wire coming through it)

IMG_2225  IMG_2229

After this, I simply screwed on the Ignitor unit and fed the wires through the grommet.

IMG_2230  IMG_2231

The final step was the drive gear.  Originally it had a steel pin which was peened over to retain it in place.  Later GM distributors use a spring pin to retain the drive gear, which is a better (& easier) solution.  The hole diameter is 3/16″ which meant that a 3/16″ x 1″ long spring pin was a perfect fit.

IMG_2235  IMG_2238 IMG_2239

I thought it would be a good idea to clean up the distributor cap and use it cover everything to keep it clean.  Closer inspection revealed a possible reason why the engine wasn’t running so well.  There should be a small carbon(?) button in the centre of the cap, however it appears to be missing.


It is not worth taking any chances, so I have ordered a new cap and rotor.


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