Getting Ahead….

Thought I would sneak out into the shed last night to get a bit more done….

Let’s start with something simple….Lifters!

After smearing some engine oil in each lifter bore I opened up the first packet of lifters.  Checked them over and everything looked good.  I opened up the Isky Assembly Lube and one at a time put a good dollop of on the bottom of each lifter just before I slid it into a lifter bore.

IMG_2297  IMG_2296


Next step is a big one…..drop on a head!  Before I can do that I cleaned the deck one more time with carburettor cleaner, and then also checked that the gasket lined up correctly. Check, and check.

IMG_2284 IMG_2285

I then cleaned the head surface to make sure everything is nice and clean.  Speaking of clean, the head bolts….Doh!  I spent the next 10-15 minutes de-greasing and wire brushing the head bolts.  Now I am ready.


To avoid any confusion I plan ahead by arranging the bolts in the correct order based on length and location (the bottom of the cardboard is the exhaust side)…


Then,  in one foul swoop the right hand head is sitting on the block.  Whew!  This has been a long time coming.


I put in a couple of bolts just to make sure it doesn’t come off the locating dowels.  Before I can torque down the head I need to install the pushrods and rocker arm assembly.  Pushrods are easy….a dollop of assembly lube on the top of each lifter and drop the pushrod in place.  Repeat 8 times.  😉

Rocker Arm Assembly

The Workshop Manual states “Install rocker arm assembly in position on cylinder head with notches on each end of rocker
arm shaft pointing downward and toward centre of engine, and rocker arm brackets with larger machined surface next to head.”

Well, the rocker arm brackets have the larger machined surface against the head….however….no matter how I orient the rocker assemblies, the notch will not face downward and to the centre – they only face upward and to the centre. You can see the notch on the end of the shaft – it looks like a small dent, pointing at about 2 o’clock (should be 4 o’clock).  These rocker assemblies have not been apart, so they are as they were removed from the engine.

IMG_2291  IMG_2288

So now my mind is running at double speed trying to work out how I can establish if there is a problem or not….Workshop Manual!

Looking through the Workshop Manual, there is a schematic diagram which shows an oil hole in the rocker shaft facing inward and sightly upward.  You can see this in the diagram below shown with the red arrow.

Untitled 1

OK, time to see if there is something similar on the rocker shafts.  I went over to the engine and slid back a rocker arm.  I was relieved to see that there is an oil hole in the same position.  To help you with the perspective, the first picture is looking down from the top of the engine.  You can see the oil hole is slightly angled towards the head, slightly above horizontal….almost exactly the same as the schematic.

IMG_2293  IMG_2292

Based on this I believe that we are good to go.  Strange that the rocker shafts have the notches in a different position.

Time to insert the head bolts and torque them up.  Every bolt gets a dose of engine oil on the thread and also under the head to ensure friction is minimized when torquing them up.  The head gasket is a Fel-Pro Perma Torque gasket, which means it doesn’t need to be re-torqued after running the engine.  I torqued the head bolts to 70 ft lbs starting from the centre and working out in a radial pattern.

IMG_2298  IMG_2299

…and that’s it!  Head mounted and torqued.



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