Two Heads are Better Than One…..

I had a couple of hours yesterday between 10am and 12:30pm so I decided to make the most of it!

First step is of course to make sure that both faces are clean.


Next I double checked that the head gasket lined up.  I know this seems a bit fussy, but it is better to check now rather than when there is a problem!  I also set up the bolts again in the piece of cardboard based on length.  This is the last time I will see these pistons (hopefully).


I dropped the head on to the dowels.  I then dipped each bolt into some engine oil and put a smear under each bolt head.  You may notice one bolt with a big washer under it….this bolt has a brace bolted under it for the power steering pump.  Without the washer the bolt is too long and I wouldn’t be able to get any tension into it.

IMG_2305  IMG_2306

Next is the pushrods and the rocker arm assembly.  Once they are all nipped up I got out my trusty torque wrench and tightened them all up to 70 ft lbs.


….and that’s it!

Two heads attached and torqued.  Things are really starting to take shape.


Valley Cover

I had a little more time so I moved on to the valley cover.  The gasket for this item looks like it is moulded from rubber, soit fits well.


This is pretty straight forward.  Once both surfaces are clean, I first put a little Engine Assembly Lube on each lifter….just to make sure…this is the last time I will see these guys.  I then put a thin smear of Permatex Aviation Form-a-Gasket on the cover and also the block.  This is just to make sure that there is no chance of leaking.  There is nothing worse than having to remove parts from an engine to re-seal them after it is in the vehicle.

IMG_2310  IMG_2311

I then dropped the cover on and made sure the gasket was seated correctly before installing the three bolts to hold it in place.


For anyone who knows Cadillacs, you may notice that the rear bolt does not have the normal draft tube under it.  I am trying to clean the engine where possible for emissions, so I bought a later model Valley Cover from a vehicle which had a PCV system.  This way the crankcase fumes get burnt rather than vented to the atmosphere.  I will need to work out where to put the PCV valve at some stage.


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