Bibs and Bobs…

I really am down to the detail bits on the engine now.

Exhaust Manifolds

As you may know, I had the exhaust manifolds ceramic coated to help keep the heat out of the engine bay.  I have read that you shouldn’t use freshly coated manifolds on a new engine as they will get too hot during the initial cam break in which can make the paint flake off.  Unfortunately right now I don’t have another option.  😦

I tried to cure them some more before installing them by baking them in my gas pizza oven for a number of hours at around 350 degrees Celsius (660 Fahrenheit).  Not sure if it will make difference, but it was worth a try.  I will also break in the cam in 10 minute increments to try and make sure they don’t get too hot too soon.

I bought some new stainless studs with brass nuts for the exhaust pipe flange as the original ones were a rusted mess, however when I went to install the studs, one of the threads on one manifold was loose – upon further inspection it was clearly damaged, possibly from corrosion.


I decided to install a heli-coil to give me a nice new thread.  Pretty straight forward process now that I have done one.  I installed the studs with some copper grease to make sure I can get them out in the future if needed.

IMG_2339  IMG_2340

Lower Pulley

Next was the lower drive pulley which bolts to the harmonic balancer and drives all of the accessories.


I ran a tap though all of the threads as they were all a bit dirty and grungy.  Once this was done, I lined up the pulley and washer ring.  It is interesting that the holes are drilled at different spacings, so there is only one position where all 6 bolt holes line up.  Once I had established the right orientation, I placed a drop of Loctite 243 Threadlocker on each thread and then screwed & tightened them to spec.  I really am liking the contrast of the cast iron bolt on parts against the burnt copper engine.

IMG_2342  IMG_2344

I would be interested to know what others think……please respond to the poll and let me know….

Temperature Sender

The temperature sender was next.  Not a big deal, but vitally important.  A smear of Aviation No. 3 and a couple of turns, and it is all done!


Other Bolt On Bits…

I am now starting to think about the bolt on parts.  I grabbed the Water Pump Pulley, the Power Steering Pulley and one of the brackets.  First step was to let them soak for a couple of days in the Simple Green bath.  When they came out, they were looking a bit drab.  I spent more than an hour with a wire brush in a drill cleaning them up and taking them back to bare metal.  The picture below is before I started.

I proceeded to prime, paint and then clear coat all of them.  The results were excellent IMO.

IMG_2347  IMG_2348 IMG_2350  IMG_2349

That’s it right now.  I am away for the weekend with the family, so not much action on the Cadillac project.


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