Dipstick Tube, Exhaust Manifolds, Engine Mounts & Magnetic Sump Plug

Sump Plug

I decided to sort out the sump plug to make sure I don’t forget it down the track, and start excitedly pouring oil into the engine without a sump plug.  My brother did this once….not a good look.

I have a new sump bolt, and also bought some 8mm diameter x 10mm long magnets.  I drilled an 8mm hole in the plug, and dropped in a few drops of Loctite 609 Retaining Compound followed by the magnet.  Another drop on top of the magnet just to make sure and it is all done!

IMG_2359  IMG_2360 IMG_2361  IMG_2362

Exhaust Manifolds

Next up is the Exhaust Manifolds.  I had these coated with a ceramic thermal barrier to help move the heat away from the engine bay and down under the car.  I started by running a mill file over the flange surfaces to make sure they were flat and clean.


After this, I took the freshly cleaned bolts and the gaskets.  I coated the thread of each bolt with some copper grease to make sure they are easy to remove if I ever need to.  It was then just a matter of attaching the manifolds and torquing up the bolts.

IMG_2363  IMG_2364 IMG_2365  IMG_2366

Dipstick Tube

The Dipstick tube broke when I removed it.  I was fortunate enough to find a guy in the US who makes replacement tubes, however they are made straight so they require some bending to make them fit properly.  The bends aren’t pretty unless you have an oxy torch, however it is not visible so you can get away with it.

IMG_2367  IMG_2372



There were a couple of brass fittings I need to install which connect to the Oil Filter.  Once I had cleaned them, I gave then a slurp of Aviation No.3 and screwed them in.  There was also a drain plug for the water jacket at the bottom of the block.  Once I have removed the sludge from it, I slopped on some Aviation No. 3 again and screwed it in.

Not very exciting, but all very necessary!

IMG_2369  IMG_2370IMG_2368

Oil Pressure Switch

Not much to say here….just screwed in a new Oil Pressure Switch!


Engine Mounts

When I removed the old mounts I noticed one of the bolts was loose.  I looked closer and found that the bolt had quite a bit of damage from being loose.  I decided to not take any chances and bought 6 new high tensile bolts with nuts and spring washers.

Just to make sure, I put a drop of Loctite Threadlocker on each bolt when I assembled them to really make sure that these bolts never come loose unless I want them to.  The engine is basically just about ready to go in now.

IMG_2373  IMG_2375 IMG_2376

The only outstanding items I can think of is the rear freeze plug and the flex plate.  Everything else can be bolted on once it is in the car.  The Distributor won’t be installed until I am ready to start the engine as I first need to prime the Oil Pump, which is driven by the bottom of the Distributor Shaft.


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