Power Steering Pump

I removed the power steering pump from the engine bay.  It was covered in oil and grease – the grease was old grease, and had gone hard from the heat.  I used some degreaser and a stiff bristled brush to loosen it, however in the end I had to use a metal scraper to get the last bits off.  After I had cleaned it all up, I gave it a coat of primer.

I noticed a couple of nicks in the shaft seal.  This would explain why there was so much mess on the front of the pump and also on the back of the pulley.

IMG_2377  IMG_2378 IMG_2379

After measuring the shaft and outer seal diameter, I managed to cross reference an off the shelf seal.


The existing seal was pretty difficult to remove, so I had to get a bit rough with it.  I eventually got it out without damaging the shaft.

IMG_2380  IMG_2382

Installing the new seal was pretty straight forward.  I lubricated the shaft with power steering fluid as well as the seal and also the outer diameter.  I then gently tapped the seal in all around the diameter so it went in square.


I then gave the whole thing a wipe over with wax and grease remover, and then proceeded to put a coat of paint on the pump followed by a coat of clear.  The cap got the same treatment, so it is all ready to go.  Before filling it up in the car I will replace the high pressure hose.  I had the hose fail on my last Cadillac  😦

IMG_2388 IMG_2389


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