Matching Numbers and Options……

While the engine bay is empty, I decided to check the numbers.  The engine number is stamped on the LH side of the block just above the oil pan, and is also stamped on the front LH chassis rail.  The chassis rail has 59B094760 stamped on it, and so does the engine.  This means that the engine is the original unit as fitted during production.

The other thing to check on the engine is the unit number.  The engine should have a unit number of 96K as it is fitted with air conditioning.  When I checked the unit number (at the rear of the block on the LH side), it was stamped with 96K.  96K is the unit number used for the base engine without air conditioning.


I next looked at the body build and options plate.  Everything checks out except for the options.

Style 59 6339 = 4 Window Sedan De Ville  OK

Trim 47 = Turquioise/Black  OK

Paint 10 = Ebony Black  OK


E = E Z Eye Glass.  H = Heater.  Y = 6 Way Power Seat

No Air Conditioning!  This means the car was not fitted with factory air, so it must have been fitted at the dealer or after market.  I am going to have to wait until I can have a look at the ventilation controls to see if a proper AC unit and switching is installed.  Not sure if I should re-fit the air or leave it off.



4 thoughts on “Matching Numbers and Options……

  1. If I was restoring the car to drive… I’d refit the aircon. If I was restoring it to win original restoration shows…that is different, and would include original wheels, engine colour and exhaust.


  2. I’ve enjoyed following your progress. There war two Basic Groups available on the 59 cadillac. Basic Group “A” included White Sidewall Tires (W), Heater (H), Radio (R) and E-Z Eye Glass (E). Basic Group “B” included all the above plus Air Conditioning (K). There was also four Equipment Groups offered by Cadillac in 1959. Equipment Group 2 included Fog Lamps (F) and Dor-Gards (D). Equipment Group 3 included “F”, “D”, and also Autronic Eye “U”. Equipment Group 4 included “F”, “D”, and “U” as well as Cruise Control (C). Equipment Group 5 includes “F”, “D”, “U”, and “C” as well as Air Suspension (T). My 1959 convertible has Basic Group B and Equipment Group 3. i have verified this thru GM Heritage Center. This information is not on the cowl tag. My tag shows EHY only like yours. i suspect that your car may have been originally supplied with Basic Group B which included the Air Conditioning.


    1. Hey Barry,

      Thanks for the interesting information. I had not heard this before but we did something similar when I ran the forecast at Holden. We called them Smartpacks.



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