Chip, Chip, Chip Away

Battery Tray

Fortunately, the battery tray is in reasonable condition.  It has a couple of tiny pin holes, but besides that it seems pretty solid.

IMG_2425  IMG_2426 IMG_2427

I saw a VHT product on the shelf last week, and instantly thought of the battery tray.  It is called Rust Convertor.  Everything else from VHT is good quality, so I thought I would give it a go.  The instructions say that once you have cleaned off all of the surface rust you paint it with this stuff just like paint.  You then leave it 24 hours to cure, and the rust turns black when it is converted.


I did as it said, and then painted it in hi temp black paint.  The results are good enough for a battery tray!  I will be using an AGM battery in the car, so there will be very little risk of any further acid damage.

IMG_2446  IMG_2447

Inner RH Front Fender Fracture

While cleaning and preparing the engine bay I noticed a crack in a panel.  Further inspection revealed that it had totally broken off.  It is at the front of the Inner Fender on the RH side.  The panel to the left in the pics is the back side of the Radiator Support Panel.

IMG_2437  IMG_2438 IMG_2439  IMG_2440 IMG_2443

I removed the broken part which is a reinforcement tab which secures the Inner Fender to the chassis.  It looks like it has been broken for a while.  I decided to pull out the MIG welder and have a go at fixing it.  First I straightened out the panel and re-attached the part, getting them to line up as close as possible.  The welder ran out of argon gas as I was finishing, so I had to be happy with what I had.  😦

10 minutes grinding with a Dremel was frustrating, but nothing else can get in the small gap.  After i was done it looked OK.  I left the welds proud as I didn’t want to risk grinding any of the panel away which would give it a weak point.  A quick coat of black paint, and nobody will ever notice my average welding.

IMG_2448  IMG_2450

HVAC module

While the engine is out and I am tidying up the Engnine Bay, I took the opportunity to remove the HVAC module to check if it is working.  All three of the vacuum actuators have failed, and it is all a bit grubby, so it is a good opportunity to clean it up a little.

Once I removed the module, it became very clear that the AC was aftermarket – check out the extra hole made with lots of little holes.  This is like the jaws of a shark!

IMG_2435  IMG_2436

The module was a bit dirty, but nothing too extreme.  I will get onto it with the Simple Green when I get time.  The good news is that the fan operates perfectly.  Hooray.

IMG_2432  IMG_2434 IMG_2431

The Black Sea Expands

I also did a little more cleaning and painting on the front end and engine bay.  It is starting to look better as the black expands.  The firewall is next.  I noticed a couple of extra holes in the lower firewall which will have to be sealed up or welded.

IMG_2451  IMG_2452 IMG_2453

So much to do.  I just need to keep chip, chip, chipping away at it!


One thought on “Chip, Chip, Chip Away

  1. looking good Tim, keep chipping away.
    You could always use rubber blanking grommets for the holes in the firewall, saves welding, and keeps unwanted fumes or draughts out!


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