Heater Box

While the HVAC unit is out, I took the opportunity to remove the heater box.  This contains the heater core and also the flaps to direct the flow of warm air.  It has to be removed from the inside of the vehicle.  I lifted the crash pad so I was able to get a good look at how it needed to be removed.

Notice the missing cover plate in the middle of the box…..more on that later.


The box looks like it has never been removed, and still has  quality control sticker on it (thanks inspector 112!).  The sealer they used really made a mess.  It looks and feels like it is a wax based sealer, and it looks like it got hot at some stage and melted.  YUK.

IMG_2463  IMG_2461

I opened up the box to remove the heater core.  The cover plate was covered in the black wax like sealer, so I hit it with a heat gun, and it went soft.  Within 5 minutes most of the goo was removed, and the rest cleaned off with a wire wheel.

IMG_2464  IMG_2465

I then gave the cover a coat of paint and moved on to the main box.

IMG_2466  IMG_2467

The main box was painted the same turquoise colour as the rest of the dash.  I can see by the way it fades out that it was painted along with the dashboard.  It should be black so I proceeded to clean it up, give it a light sand and a coat of black paint.

IMG_2469  IMG_2470 IMG_2471  IMG_2472

As I mentioned above, when I removed the heater box, there was a cover plate missing, which gives access to the control wire mechanism.  I decided that it would be easier if I made up another plate rather than try and find an original one.

I have some stainless in the shed, so I cut off apiece and fitted it to the size.  The original plate only had one screw to secure it, so I made an assumption about what it would have looked like, and cut two tabs which I then bent back to go inside the box and hold the plate securely in place.

IMG_2473  IMG_2474 IMG_2475  IMG_2476 IMG_2480

Although it isn’t the prettiest, the plate fits nice and snug, and doesn’t rattle.  That satisfies all of the functional requirements, so considering that it won’t be visible, job done!  🙂

That’s all for now.


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