Engine Bay Paint & Hole Repairs

While the HVAC unit is out it is a good time to repair the strange and unexplained holes in the front passenger side floor.  As you can see below, there are two large holes (25mm and 32mm diameter), and a burst hole which looks like it was used for a screw.  I really don’t know what these holes were used for.

The larger 32mm hole is cut through a swage, which will make the patch piece more complex.

IMG_2511  IMG_2512

The first task is to clean up the holes ready for welding.

IMG_2515  IMG_2513 IMG_2514

Once this was done, I made a plug for each hole.  The 25mm hole was pretty straight forward. For the 32mm plug, I left a small 90 degree ear on the disc, and then bent it over to suit the swage in the floor.


I fine tuned the fit of both pieces by grinding them with a taper so they would sit in the hole but not fall through.  I then MIG welded them on the inside of the vehicle (easier then welding from underneath in the engine bay) using short bursts to ensure there was no burn through.  I also filled the burst hole which I hammered flat before filling with weld.  The welding is not the most amazing, but the penetration was good, which is the most important element.


I then gave the welds a light skim to tidy them up.  I didn’t grind them flat as they are not visible under the carpet, and a bit of extra weld won’t hurt.


Next step is a quick coat of paint to make sure no corrosion develops.

IMG_2518  IMG_2520

Only minimal cleanup was needed on the engine bay side, followed by a lick of paint.


Talking of paint, I took the opportunity to finish painting the engine bay.  Basically I painted the firewall and the left hand inner fender, plus the radiator support panel area.  It is starting to look like an engine bay 🙂

IMG_2522  IMG_2523


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