Throttle Mechanism & Heater Valve

Just a short update.

Throttle Lever

On the weekend I removed the throttle mechanism which mounts on the firewall, intending to clean it up.  Once I started, it looked OK, but I decided it would benefit from a coat of paint.  I painted the main mechanism VHT Cast Iron, and the vacuum unit in aluminium.  It looks much nicer now.  Sometimes it is the small details which make the difference.

IMG_2527  IMG_2528

Heater Valve

When I travelled to the US a couple of weeks ago, I carried the heater valve in my luggage.  Once I arrived I posted to Old Air Products in Fort Worth, Texas for a rebuild.  The valve arrived back today, and I have to say the quality of the work is excellent.  It basically looks like a new valve.

The price from Old Air Products (US$86.50 plus US$47 shipping) was significantly cheaper than most, however classic car heating and cooling is what they specialize in.  Looks like it was a good decision to go with them.

IMG_2524  IMG_2525 IMG_2526

I also dropped my radiator and heater core off at Dandenong Radiators on Monday to be flushed, cleaned and pressure tested.  Once I get them back I can start re-assembling the HVAC unit.  There not many radiator repairers around any more as newer cars are always a replace and throw away process.


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