Climate Change….

Finally a turning point……the tide has changed and is now coming back in…

Wiper Motor

Firstly, a pic of the cleaned wiper motor back in the car   🙂


HVAC module

I didn’t have much time this weekend, however I used what I had to start assembling the HVAC module and also begin installing it back in the car.  I started with the heater core, and fitted a foam seal before mounting it onto the frame.  When I removed it there was a whole lot of black goo as a sealer, however I don’t want to go that way this time.

IMG_2542  IMG_2543

I then had to make a seal for the frame where it mates against the firewall on the inside of the vehicle.  Once done I assembled the heater core and frame into the heater box, which was pretty straight forward.

IMG_2545  IMG_2546

Next step was to re-connect the internal wire from the heater valve to the de-ice mechanism.  This is done through an access hole in the heater box.  A little bit fiddly, but OK.


Meanwhile I gave the fan shroud another coat of paint ready for assembly.  I used a different paint (Paintmobile High Temp Black Gloss), and it looked noticeably better than the VHT Rollbar and Chassis paint.  It seems to go on thicker and is more solid, so I decided to paint the whole engine bay with this paint before going any further.

While I was at it, I also took the opportunity to clean up and mask off the plenum chamber as it looked pretty ratty.  A closer inspection makes me suspect that it has never been re-painted.

IMG_2548  IMG_2550

The end result was pretty good.

While the paint was drying I sat down and assembled the outer HVAC module.  The new vacuum actuators fitted perfectly, and the linkages were all pretty straight forward.  The module cleaned up really well in the end.

IMG_2554  IMG_2555

Once the unit was assembled, I bolted it in with a couple of bolts, as that was all I could find.  I looked everywhere, but can’t seem to find find any more.  I will take the opportunity to buy some new nuts, bolts and washers to make it all pretty!


So as you can see, not so much progress, but I am now starting to put things back into the vehicle which is a good feeling.


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