Wipers & HVAC module

Daylight Savings (Summer Time) has kicked in and the weather is getting better, so I have been sneaking in a little bit after work when possible.


Last night I reassembled the wipers and plenum chamber.  The black paint on the plenum area looks great.  I used Autosol to polish the wipers and all of the chrome trim.  I took some time to mask off the build plate precisely, and it proved to be worth the effort.

IMG_2558  IMG_2559 IMG_2560

HVAC Module

I bought some additional fasteners yesterday which I needed to fully bolt up the module to the firewall.  I found it interesting that not all of the fastener holes were used (dealership cutting corners?).  The screw on the RH side of the module was not there, however there was a dimple in the firewall which was clearly put there to help centre the drill.  There also was a hole without a screw in it.  I guess you could say that I have just finished off the dealer installation!


I also did some research to find out what I needed to use to seal the steel fan duct to the module.  In the end I bought some Bostik 5614 Non-Drying Butyl Mastic from Paintmobile in Dandenong.  I dry fitted the steel duct and marked where it met the main body with a pencil.  I then removed it and placed a bead of Mastic just behind the line.  I then just slid the duct into position and inserted the screws.  As you can see, the bead was in exactly the right place.

IMG_2561  IMG_2562

Once the screws were all tight, I was able to attached the fan.  I did not have a gasket for this interface, so I put a very light smear of Mastic on the face and inserted it into the duct.  Once the screws were all done up I attached the rubber tube between the motor and duct.

I also need another rubber duct which inserts into the second hole in the motor case (which you can see in the pics) and has a 90 degrees bend so it points downwards – I don’t really know where I am going to get one right now.  If anyone can make a suggestion, it would be appreciated.  I expect I may have to make something up using a grommet and a rubber pipe.

IMG_2565  IMG_2566


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