Steering Wheel Dilemma

So, just to refresh you, this is what the steering wheel looks like…..

IMG_2586  IMG_2587 IMG_2588

The cracks are down to the steel core, and there are a number of them!

I sent photos in an email to Pearlcraft for a quote, along with a couple of pics of the interior.

IMG_2589  IMG_2590

This company clearly is good at what it does, and they are local to Melbourne.  The gallery on their site shows the amazing work they do.  I received a very polite response in less than 24 hours which confirmed that they would be able to recondition the wheel and plasticise it as per their process.  Their quote for one colour would be $630 and two colours would be $840.  They recommended painting the wheel black pearl on the top and bottom, and turquoise on the sides.

I think this would look really good, but I am struggling with the price.  I don’t want to question their quality or workmanship, but it is a lot of cash.  I did some Googling and found a couple of references to Pearlcraft steering wheels fading, however in every case Pearlcraft quickly offered to reprocess the wheel.  So it sounds like they get a big tick for customer service.

My other option is to repair the wheel myself using epoxy putty and automotive paint.  I am confident I could get a reasonable result, but it would not be anything like Pearlcraft.

I would like your opinion….


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