Starter, Alternator & Headlamps

Starter Motor

Today I started with the starter motor.  The unit I removed is disgusting – you can see where the welch plug was leaking onto the casing which made a mess.  The starter is also covered in a good coating of grease and oil.  I suspect underneath all that the starter is in good condition – I know it works.

Fortunately I have a reconditioned starter to install 🙂

IMG_2636  IMG_2637

The install is straight forward, just two bolts.  There is an earth strap which needs to be installed under one of the bolts to ensure the starter has a good ground.

IMG_2638   IMG_2640  IMG_2642   IMG_2644

Transmission Tube

Next was the Transmission Tube.  I removed it because it was in the way when I removed the engine, and I didn’t want to damage it during the re-installation.  I put a good smear of petroleum jelly on the end to get it past the o-ring in the transmission, and it slid straight in.  I hope the o-ring seals OK as it will be a bugger to replace.


Wiring Harness

The main engine bay wiring harness was looking a bit tired, so I bought some loom tape.  I cleaned the outside using Wax & Grease Remover and then wrapped a new layer of tape over it.  I also removed the broken fibreglass heat insulation from the temperature sensor wire, and replaced it with a piece I removed from a 240V appliance some time ago.  I also carefully dis-assembled the temp sensor connector to clean out the grease and slime so it is all clean and fresh!

IMG_2646  IMG_2647 IMG_2648


As part of the wiring harness clean up, I removed the regulator wiring for the generator, and added the wiring for the alternator.  The alternator wiring is much simpler with a sense wire for the Gen light on the dash, and a battery wire.  I used a heavy gauge wire for the battery, and wrapped it in loom tape so it looks like it is meant to be there.



I also started working on the wiring for the headlamps.  I have some halogen inserts to replace the LHD sealed beam units.  I know they are not original, however when I drive at night, I want to see!

The first step is to find a spot for the relays.  I decided to mount them in the fender cavity on the RH side next to the battery.  This should make them easy to access if needed, but not obvious.  I cut the wires to feed the relays, and then wrapped the loom in tape.

Judging by the photo, it looks like I need to paint a little deeper inside the fender!


Next step is to get some heavy duty wire, in line fuses and globe connectors so I can build the new headlight loom.


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