Evaporator Modification for R134a

I called a couple of AC places, and one jumped out as knowing what they were talking about.  Their name is Melbourne Wide Auto Radiators, and the dude I spoke to was John.  He was confident that he would be able to modify the evaporator to eliminate the multiple hoses associated with the heat bypass valve, and ready it for connection to a R134a compatible hose.

I dropped in so he could have a look at it, expecting that I would have to leave it with him.  Instead he started working on it, leak testing it first.  In less than 1 hour he had converted it to a hose fitting ready for the new hose (when we get to that part).  It is reassuring to see someone who knows what they are doing, and will work with you to make sure you are happy.

IMG_2698  IMG_2699

I would highly recommend giving John a call if you need any work done and live on the Northern side of Melbourne (Heidelberg).

When I got home I cleaned up the evaporator and the enclosure.  I then reassembled the evaporator assembly, replacing all of the seals during the process.


It is now ready to bolt back into the car.  This was much easier than I expected.



On a different subject, I am somewhat humbled to see the number of people viewing my blog, from countries all over the world.  Please don’t be silent – feel free to comment or ask questions.  🙂


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