Fuel Line Modifications, Sealing Up the Front Wheel Arch and Changing the Diff Oil

AC Duct Modifications

When I initially removed the evaporator assembly there was one bolt which was almost impossible to access (behind the air duct).  I modified the duct with a 28mm hole so I can get a socket in to install and tighten the bolt (first pic), and then blocked the hole using a rubber grommet.  It made a big difference when installing the evaporator assembly.

Hole lines up perfectly with the bolt hole in the evaporator assembly
Rubber grommet seals it all off

Fuel Line Modification

I was hoping to get the electric fuel pump installed this weekend, however everything went slower than I would have liked.  One thing I did need to do was change the fuel line so it comes around the back of the engine as this is where the fuel inlet is for the new carbs.  It also makes a lot of sense as the fuel will absorb less heat if it comes around the back of the engine.

I wanted to use as much of the solid fuel line as possible, so I started by unscrewing the brackets that retain the fuel line all along the RH sill panel.  This freed up the whole line and enabled me to carefully work it into a shape which would suit the new location.  Once I had the line shape pretty right I slid on some heat shielding to help keep the temperature down.  When it was all ready to go it all got a coat of Hi Temp black paint.

IMG_2708  IMG_2709  IMG_2710

I then installed the fuel line back into place along the bottom of the sill panel to see how close I had it in the engine bay.  It fitted really well, and only a few very minor tweaks were needed.  I re-used the retainers to hold the line in its new location.  It now pops out at the firewall behind the RH rocker cover.

Coming up from the sill panel
Across behind the antenna to move to the firewall flange
Under the HVAC Unit
Heatshield is painted black and a retainer clamp holds the line in place
Ready for a short length of fuel hose


Rear Inner Wheelarch Panel

After the fuel line was sorted, I then went about installing the RH Rear Inner Front Wheelarch Panel.  This is second one of the pair of the panels I bought in from Canada as they were missing on the car.  This panel didn’t fit quite as well, but with a little coaxing it found its place.  I used some Mastic to seal the panels so I don’t get water coming into the engine bay.

view looking straight into the wheel arch area (behind front wheel)
Looking up towards the top of the fender panel

Once the panel was installed, I went into the engine bay and installed a couple of retainers to hold the main power cable and also the wiring loom for the power antenna


Now that I had the power cable position right, I tidied up the wiring near the battery.  I added a small piece of convoluted tubing around the main power cable where it runs past other panels to stop chafing, and also earthed the relays and RH headlamps.


Diff Oil Change

I then moved to the rear of the car to change the diff oil.  This is one of the most forgotten lubricants in a car, however it is much cheaper to change the oil rather than pay for a rebuild.  The diff housing was pretty rusty so I gave it a quick clean using a wire brush in a cordless drill.

IMG_2718  IMG_2719

I then proceeded to use my oil pump to suck out the old oil.  I can’t believe that Cadillac did not put a drain plug in the diff housing!

The oil which came out was a brown/red colour and quite clean, however it did not stink like normal gear oil, which has a putred smell.  I am nor sure what it was, or how old it was.  I then pumped in some Amsoil 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube.

IMG_2720  IMG_2721

While I was under the car pumping in the oil, I noticed that the back of the brake drums had something on them….could it be gear oil from leaking seals or brake fluid?  The LH one almost looks wet!  I wasn’t sure, and had no more time so I decided to not fill the diff totally, and wait until I can take the rear wheels off before in case I need to replace the rear axle seals.

IMG_2723  IMG_2724

Last thing was to blow some VHT Roll Bar & Chassis paint on the diff housing where I cleaned it to make it look a little better.




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