Wiring repairs and Carb Linkage

Circuit Breaker Broken

While I had the kick panel off of the RH side working on the air conditioner, I took the opportunity to disconnect and reconnect each connection to make sure they were making good contact.  One of the spade terminals refused to separate, and in the end I had to break it to get it apart.  I replaced the connector and all was well.  I then noticed that the circuit breaker connectors were loose.  The first one tightened up fine, but the second one spun when I tried to tighten it up.  Doh.

IMG_2728  IMG_2729

In the end I had to break apart the circuit breaker and snap the bolt in half.


l was fortunate that one of my good mates at work had an assortment of circuit breakers.  Bingo….thanks Mick!!  I screwed the first screw in.  Drilled a new hole and screwed the second screw in.  Job done.

IMG_2730  IMG_2735

Carburetor Linkage

Looking at the carbs I noticed that there was no linkage provision for the TV Rod from the transmission.  This is the larger hole on the left hand side in the picture below of the original carb.  When you look at the new carb you can see that there is no provision for this.

IMG_2725  IMG_2726

I developed cardboard template of what I needed to add the TV Rod hole.


I then flattened it out and had a template which I used to cut out a piece of steel.  A little bit of hacksaw craft followed by some work with a file and I had the basic shape.

IMG_2741 IMG_2742

Once I had the shape I bent it into a shape that matched the cardboard template.


Next I had to create a boss into the bracket to keep the TV linkage aligned.  I welded on a nut using the MIG welder and then spent a little time grinding it back to look less offensive.  Once it had a coat of paint on it it looked much better (the paint filled in some of the holes!).  Tomorrow when paint is dry I can assemble it to the existing linkage.

IMG_2744  IMG_2745   IMG_2747

Yellow Wire

Looking in the engine bay getting ready to put the manifold in and I noticed a yellow wire which wasn’t on the Cadillac wiring diagram.  Once I traced it back, I discovered that it was the high speed fan wire.  I also discovered that the wire had a number of joins in it which is not ideal for a power wire.  The lower fan speeds also have crimp joins in the wire, however I really don’t want to re-wire the whole system until I know how it performs.

IMG_2736  IMG_2737

I decided to pull the yellow wire out and replace it with a new wire with soldered joins.

Soldered join

I then pulled the wire through the firewall and wrapped it into the main loom so it didn’t stand out.


At least the fan should work on the highest speed!


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