Gimme Some Gasoline

TV Rod Linkage

I finished off the linkage this morning.  When I assembled it I realised that I hadn’t allowed for access to the screw which holds the linkage onto the carburettor shaft.  I drilled a hole big enough for a screwdriver and then assembled it onto the carburettor.  It does not look as good as I would like it to however it will do for now.  Once the car is on the road I will make a better one at my leisure.

IMG_2748  IMG_2749

Gasoline Supply

One of jobs on the list is a fuel pump.  I am not going to use the original mechanical pump, so I need to install an electric pump.  I am waiting on some of the wiring, however I decided to install the pump as this is not dependent on the wiring.

Here is a pic of the pump I bought.  It is a 3.5 psi solenoid pump.  They can make a bit of noise, but they are reliable.  I assembled the pre filter which was supplied with it to make sure no lumps get into the pump and damage it, however the filter assembly seems to be a little bit loose.  It is made out of the hex base and the dome, and the base is coined over the dome when assembled.  I can rock and rotate the dome which worries me.  Even though it won’t be under pressure I might replace it with a plastic filter to make sure I don’t get any leaks.  Leaking fuel is a bad look.  🙂

To try and reduce noise transfer to the body I inserted a couple of rubber grommets into the holes and also added a small piece of foam to separate it from the sheetmetal when installed.

IMG_2750  IMG_2751

Next I had to pick a location.  I decided to keep it simple – there is some real estate at the front of the tank where the hose crosses over to the RH side of the car.  I extended the wires of the pump as I will be installing a safety relay and fuse box on the inside of the trunk.  The relay is an LPG device which uses a signal from the negative side of the coil to keep the relay engaged.  If the engine stops, the fuel pump stops.

IMG_2754  IMG_2755

It was then a matter of drilling some holes to mount the pump.

IMG_2756  IMG_2757

A third hole was needed to feed the power wires through into the trunk area.  I used a small grommet here to seal it off and also make sure there is no abrasion of the wires over time.


Once i have some 5/16″ fuel hose I can remove the original hose and plumb in the pump.  The tank is basically empty, so I will also need to get some gasoline before I try the pump out (they don’t like to run when they are dry).


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