Heater Hose

A friend from the Cadillac Club suggested that I might be able to get a good looking result with the heater hoses using a product called a Unicoil.  It enables you to bend a straight hose without allowing it to collapse.  I bought some online (www.autopartswholesalers.com.au) after giving up on Autobarn at Moorabbin (I waited 1 1/2 weeks when they told me it would be a couple of days).

I had some time tonight so I decided to have a play to see how they work.  After some measuring and checking to see where the inlet manifold will sit, I started bending.  The result looked better than I expected.

I would have liked to also fit the second hose however Autobarn at Dandenong don’t seem to know the difference between 3/4″ and 5/8″ heater hose.  I asked for 5/8″ and was charged for 5/8″ however when I looked in the bag tonight they had given me me 3/4″.

I also ordered two universal 90 degree, 44mm diameter radiator hoses from Autobarn Dandenong.  When I went to pick them up today, they were 45 degree hoses instead of 90 degree.  Although I gave them the correct part number, they ordered something different.  Apparently it is the systems fault.

That’s two different Autobarn stores who have wasted my time in thelast couple of weeks.  I will not shop there again.


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