Scotch Locks

Sometimes you see something which isn’t quite right, but you think you can live with it.  It then however plays in the back of your mind until you decide to make it right.

That’s what happened to me with the scotch locks which were used to connect the fan control wires from the heater control to the A/C.  There is no way a scotch lock can carry power efficiently for the fan.

I decided to make it right.

The first thing was removing them, which was pretty easy.  What became obvious straight away was this was a good idea.  The copper wire where it had been exposed had a lovely green tinge.

I cut the wires and stripped them back.  Before I soldered them I used some liquid flux to clean them – this ensures the solder gets clean copper to bond to.

Once the soldering was complete I covered each wire in heatshrink.


Job done.  One less opportunity for a gremlin to appear in the future!

Cooling System

I finished off the cooling system earlier this week by installing the top hose.  After double checking everything, I filled it with coolant.

I have decided to use waterless coolant as it is efficient, doesn’t corrode anything and also runs at a low pressure because of the elevated boiling point.  One thing I can tell you is that it ain’t cheap!

I decided to use a product from Liquid Intelligence in NSW.  This stuff is expensive, but I spoke to these guys, and they seem to know what they are talking about, and stand behind their product.  More importantly, it is made in Australia!  When you consider that it will potentially be a lifetime fill, with no risk of corrosion, it makes sense.  The higher boiling point means that you always have good heat conductance from the engine to the liquid, unlike water based coolants where you actually have bubbles of steam being formed at the interface (hence the pressure in your cooling system).


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