Nothin’ Much

A bit of a busy weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to do much on the Cad.

Transmission Fluid

I finally managed to get the Transmission Sump Plug to seal.  I was starting to wonder if I would every get there.

As per the Workshop Manual I added 8 quarts of transmission fluid.  Once the engine is started and the fluid is warm I can top it up to the correct level.  I amusing Amsoil Synthetic ATF.  I have used Amsoil for over 20 years – if you want the best, this is it.


Ignition Switch Load Reduction

Looking at the connector for the Ignition Switch, there have obviously been some heat issues which isn’t surprising since all of the Accessories and Ignition controlled function flow through the switch.  If you consider a winter day where the engine is running, the heater fan is on high trying to keep the windscreen from fogging up and the radio is on, there would be quite some current flowing through the switch.

I decided to take some load off of the Accessory circuit by installing a relay.  At the same time I decided to add another wire to power the electric choke (from the Ignition circuit).

The yellow wire is the power feed from the Ignition Switch to the Fuse Box.  I used a small screwdriver to remove it from the holder.


I ran a new 6mm power wire from the positive terminal of the Starter motor through the firewall into the dash area (the big red one).

The image below shows the relay in place.  The big yellow wire is the one I removed from the Ignition Switch.  The small yellow wire is the signal from the ignition switch which activates the relay and of course the black is earth.


New smaller wire in the Ignition Switch connector shown below.


I also spliced a second wire into the Ignition circuit at the Ignition Switch for the Electric Choke Power feed.  I ran this through the firewall and wrapped the wiring loom along the firewall to make it look tidy


I then terminated the Choke Power wire with a spade terminal and covered it with a piece of heat shield sleeve.

After doing this I realized I had made a mistake as the choke circuit needs to have a fuse in it.  I then also found some smaller heat shield sleeve.  😦

It is important that I get this right as the choke power wire must be fused.  Hopefully one night this week I can add in the fuse and tidy up the wire under the hood.  Stay tuned.

Fuel Pump

I  installed new fuel hose from the Fuel Tank to the pump, and then the output side of the pump to the hard line.  The original hose was hard and brittle, and had a kink in it.  I would guess that the fuel hose is the original 1959 hose installed in the factory.



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