Power Moves & Oil Priming Shaft

Power in the Rear

One thing I need to do before attempting to ‘commit combustion’ is organize some fuel.  In order to do this I need to get some power down to the rear of the vehicle.  At the same time I need to run a cable large enough to support the 50A load from the air compressor when I install air suspension.  I decided to run a new cable direct from the master fuse using 4ga cable for the compressor.

I reorganized the wiring so the headlight power comes from the battery side (they have an individual fuse on each wire).  This made some space for the air compressor wire on the fused side.  I had to cut out a couple of holes out of the fuse cover to clear the extra wires.

IMG_2890  IMG_2891  IMG_2889

I ran the wire with the starter motor wire over the RH inner wheel arch.  To get it into the cabin I needed a hole in the firewall.  As there are no spare holes, I had to make one.  I chose a spot next to the antenna wire.  Drilling the hole I realized why the car is so heavy.  There were 3 pieces of metal on the seam with a combined thickness of what looked like 5 or 6mm.

IMG_2893 IMG_2894 IMG_2895

Once the hole was clear I inserted a rubber grommet and threaded the cable through into the passenger footwell.  The hole is under the HVAC unit, and is not easily visible from the top.

IMG_2896  IMG_2897  IMG_2898

I picked a spot for the 80A circuit breaker which will protect the wire, and then drilled a couple of holes for the mounting screws.

IMG_2892  IMG_2900

That is as far as I got on this.  More to follow.

Oil Pump Priming Shaft

Before I start the engine I will need to prime the oil pump to make sure the bearings all have oil before they turn.  I had a piece of 12mm steel shaft to start with.  The bottom of the shaft needs a tang to fit into the top of the oil pump drive.  I cut the tang using a hack saw and then cleaned it up with a file.  Simple.


The drive end needed to be less than 10mm so it will fit into the chuck of a cordless drill.  Fortunately my mate Mick has a lathe, and he did me a favour  :-).

IMG_2907  IMG_2906

Once this was done, the shaft was ready to go.  It is significantly longer than the correct drive shaft as it needs to extend out of the distributor hole.


I couldn’t resist giving it a try, so I inserted it into the oil pump and connected it to a cordless drill.  I squeezed the trigger, and in about 3 revolutions I had oil pressure.  Hooray!  When I am about to start the engine I will remove a rocker cover so I know when I have pumped oil all of the way to the top of the engine.



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