Oil Pressure Test and Dizzy Earthing

Oil Pressure Test

Getting to the fun stuff now.

Didn’t have a lot of time today so I decided to try out the oil pump priming shaft.  I inserted it and connected the drill.


After a couple of seconds on the slow speed the oil pressure gauge jumped to life.  It sat at a constant 20psi.  I also pulled the RH rocker cover and what a beautiful sight…oil seeping from the oil hole on the rocker arm.


I decided to enlist the help of my daughter to record a video of the process.


Earth to Dizzy

I read on a couple of forums that the distributor really needs a good earth source for the ignition to work properly.  I decided to not leave anything to chance and add a dedicated earth wire.  I didn’t have any crimp terminals small enough for the screw hole I identified in the distributor, so I improvised using a spade terminal.  Beautiful?  No.  Functional?  Yep!


I installed into a hole which is no longer use since I installed the Pertronix unit.


I then removed the old hardened grommet and replaced it with a new one which would allow 3 wires through it.

IMG_2920  IMG_2921

Once the 3 wires were pulled through I coiled the new wire and added a ring terminal.  It will share the earth on the firewall with the brass strap from the Wiper Motor.


Blooper 😉

I happened to run the video at just the right time….


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