The Final Touch…..

My plans for this afternoon changed, and I had some more time.  I was booked in to make a plasma donation with the Red Cross.  It was all good until I mentioned that I had to go to the Doctor this afternoon to review the results of some blood tests as part of a check up. The Red cross were unable to take my plasma because the Doctor had requested the non-urgent follow appointment.  Doh!

Rather than waste the opportunity I went and bought the fasteners I needed to finish the Bumper Grille assembly.

I drilled the 4 plates I made for each hole – believe it or not each hole was in a slightly different location on the plate.


I installed the plates with my newly acquired bolts and nuts (with flat & spring washers of course) and then loosened the 4 bolts upper holding the grille to the bumper.  I could then tighten the 4 lower bolts, followed by the re-tightening the top bolts.


It was still not quite right as I could now see that the horizontal blades in the side pieces were meant to slot into the last bullet of the main grille.  I made a few minor adjustments, and it all fell together.  You can identify the bullet where the sides join to the main grille in the pics below by the taper on the rear of the blade.

IMG_3029  IMG_3028


Job done  🙂


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