Steering Arms & Linkages

Now that the oil pan is done, I had a look at the steering linkages.  They are covered in grease and dirt which has gone dry and hard….some of it is real hard.  There is no way I can bolt this back onto the car, so clean I must.


I started with a paint scraper to chip off most of the hardened crud.  Some of it was pretty thick, so I guess this goes way back to 1959.  Once I had the outside cleaned I dis-assembled the linkages to see what condition the ball joints are in.  All of the balls and cups are good, but the grease in one side was so thick that there is no way would be able to flow though to the balls when the grease gun did its thing.

IMG_3119  IMG_3120

IMG_3121  IMG_3122

You can see the cups and springs in the order they are assembled into the main steel tube.

IMG_3123  IMG_3124

There were two thin caps which go between a cup and the triangular tube that separates the cups.  One of them was actually cut by the triangular tube.  I can’t replace this easily, so I am going to have to put my thinking cap on….maybe a thin washer?

IMG_3125  IMG_3126

I used the last of my Simple Green and soaked the parts for 3 or 4 hours.  They came out pretty clean – a wire brush too the last of it off and I then gave them a wipe over with grease and wax remover.

IMG_3127  IMG_3128

Once everything was clean and grease free, I gave the parts a coat of primer followed by a good coat of black engine enamel.


I painted the caps and cleaned up all of the cups and bits ready for assembly.  I ran out of time to do anything more today – hopefully one night this week I can get it all back together.

IMG_3130 IMG_3131 IMG_3134



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