Brakes & Axles…..

Front LH Brake

I purchased a 13/16″ impact socket and was ready for a fight with the wheel nuts.  I started with the rattle gun, and to my surprise it was able to loosen the nuts, but only just.  What a relief.

Once I removed the drum I could see that the brakes were new just like the RH side.

IMG_3190  IMG_3191

I cleaned and re-packed the bearing with Amsoil Synthetic Grease and put it all back together.

IMG_3192  IMG_3193

I then turned my attention to the masticated rubber seal at the rear of the wheel arch.  The seal was pretty well missing, with only a few pieces left.  It was also pretty greasy, so I cleaned it all up.


Once it was clean I installed the new seal.  All pretty straight forward now that I know what I am doing.


Rear Axle

Time to move down to the back of the car.  I jacked it up using the diff housing, and then put the axle stands under the chassis which allowed me to then drop the diff away from the chassis so I could get the wheels out.  Even then it was a tight fit.


I started with the RH side drum.  It is pretty straight forward for the rear.  All you have to do is undo the two retaining bolts and the drum can be removed.

IMG_3195  IMG_3197

The brake shoes look pretty new, however there is some oil residue on the inside of the backing plate.  This is the ‘good side’, so I moved across to the LH side to have a look.


When I removed the wheel, it revealed an oily drum.  With the drum off, there was plenty of oil on the inside of the backing plate, and it also looks like the brake shoe may have been contaminated.

IMG_3199  IMG_3200

I loosened the 4 nuts holding the the axle in hoping I would be able to remove it.  A couple of taps with a hammer and it came out.  You can see it looks pretty grungy, with oil on both sides of the seal, and plenty of grunge on both sides of the backing plate.  I removed the other axle just as easy.


The bearings both feel OK, however the o-rings are flat and compressed, which explains why they were leaking, and why the axles were so easy to remove.  I wonder if the bearing need to be replaced, or if replacing the o-rings would fix the leak?


I was about to mark each axle to make sure reinstalled them on the correct side when I noticed that the studs were stamped with ‘L’ & ‘R’….makes it pretty hard to get it wrong!


That’s it for today.


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