Rear Axles, Brakes & Putting a Lid On It

The weather has been nice this week so I have been spending some time on the Caddy after work.

Rear Axle Seals

I found an o-ring at Renseal which looked to be the correct size for the axle bearings.  They cost me a huge 70 cents each!  I gave them a smear of oil and fitted them….the look good.


Now that I knew the sealing sorted I started cleaning the backing plate.  The LH side one was particularly caked on because of the oil leak.  The picture below shows the oily mud from the LH side only.  Once I had cleaned both sides there was about 1kg of crud.


I then cleaned the inside of the backing plate with some degreaser.


Axles are next.  Firstly I double cleaned the bore where the bearing sits to make sure there was nothing to damage the seals.  I then gave the outside of the bearing a smear of engine oil and pushed them in….too easy.

IMG_3251  IMG_3252


Once the axles were fitted it was time to start assembling the brakes.  I put them together as per how I found them however the lower spring and star wheel weren’t really working together properly.


I could see that if I could turn the spring around it would work better with the star wheel so I changed everything around.  Putting the spring at the back put the star wheel in the middle of the spring and made  the adjustment of the wheel easier.  Once I had it worked out I did the second side to match.

IMG_3257  IMG_3258

I adjusted the star wheel about a little and put the drum on.  The next step here is to adjust and re-centre the shoes.  I have never done this before however the workshop manual describes it pretty clearly.  It doesn’t sound too difficult.


The Hood

My friend Ernie dropped in after work tonight to help put the hood on.  After quite a bit of juggling we managed to get it in place with a couple of bolts in.  The hood is a heavy beast.

I just had to take a picture.  Before I could close the hood we removed the pin so we could first align the hood, and then line up the pin to the hood afterwards.

IMG_3262  IMG_3263

The hood was reasonably close, but the margins were a bit messy.

Left side – note gap between fender and grille.


Right side is a bit closer.

I then spend the next couple of hours playing with the alignment, including adjusting the LH fender.  I eventually got the margins parallel and then balanced the gap on each side.  Last task was to install the pin for the catch.

Ladies & Gentlemen…….may I present a complete front end!

IMG_3266  IMG_3267

This has been a long time coming.


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