Fog & Parking Lamps

Not a big job, but still a job.  When fixing the Headlamp Switch I noticed that one of the fog lamp bulbs was blown.  I bought a replacement pair plus a set of four gaskets as they were in a poor state of repair, all from Caddy Daddy.


The lenses were not too dirty but as you can see the gasket was cactus.  One of the lights did not even have a gasket fitted.

IMG_3270  IMG_3271

I removed the blown globe…..clearly it had seen better days…

I cleaned the reflector and lens, replaced the globe and also the gasket.  Before closing it up I gave the globe a wipe with a rag soaked in methylated spirits (similar to rubbing alcohol in the US) to make sure there were no finger prints on the globe.  At USD 32.00 a pair I don’t want to have to replace them again any time soon!

I closed them all up and gave them a wipe on the outside.  🙂



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