Brake Adjustment and some time with the Splatter Gun……

It was a busy morning, however at about 2pm I had some free time.  The perfect opportunity to do a final adjustment on the brakes and also bleed them ready to go.

Final Brake Adjustment & Bleeding

First task was to place a small amount of grease on the six contact pads on each back plate.  I forgot to do this to the front, so will have to do it at a later time.  Before adjusting the brakes I also loosened off the parking brake so it didn’t affect the adjustments.

IMG_3283  IMG_3281

I could then loosen off the anchor point at the top of the backing plate ready for adjustment.  The first pic below shows the anchor point bolt.  I loosened it with a breaker bar and a socket – I had to use a hammer to get it undone.

IMG_3284  IMG_3280

Next I adjusted the brakes using my new Toledo brake adjusting tool until the drum could only just be rotated forward.  I gotta say having the right tool make such a difference.


When it get to this stage, you tap the anchor nut upwards which re-centres the shoes and loosens the drum.  You adjust it again until it is tight, and then give it another tap. Repeat until there is no more movement and you have centred the brake shoes vertically.

All you need to do then is back off the brake adjuster 14 clicks and the brakes are adjusted.

I then bled all of the brakes using a vacuum pump.  I used a different coloured brake fluid so I could see when I had purged each line.

Last thing I need to do is re-adjust the Park Brake (forgot to do it today)

The Splatter Gun Approach

I still had some time so I decided to jump on in and do something I had been thinking about for weeks.  You may recall I replaced the Rear Wheel Arch Inner on the front Wheel Arches because they were missing when I bought the car.  The final step is to replace the spray on sound deadening so it looks factory, but also to reduce transmitted road noise.

I wire brushed and cleaned the wheel arches.  After this I masked up the rubber seals and also covered the brake drum & suspension.  It doesn’t look very clean, but I think it should be OK – I did spend a good amount of time cleaning it all.

IMG_3285  IMG_3286

I bought some rubberized spray on sound deadener from Paintmobile in Dandenong as well as a gun which is designed to fix to the can.  It really is an easy system, and it went on without any fuss.  I ran the gun at 30 psi which seemed to work well.  It splattered out of the gun in droplets which gave a nice random textured finish.

I used one can on each Wheel Arch.  This stuff is very black and very sticky!

IMG_3287  IMG_3288

I let it cure for about 10 minutes and then removed the masking.  Wow.  It turned out better than I expected.

IMG_3289  IMG_3290

In the words of the prophet Borat….Great Success!

Rear Wheel Spats

I was about to re-install the rear wheel spats, and I noticed that they had surface rust on the inside faces, and looked pretty daggy.  I spent a couple of minutes sanding them.


I gave them a wipe with some Methylated Spirits, and then sprayed a couple of coats of Epoxy Black Paint.  The last coat was a bit thick so it produced a couple of runs, but this doesn’t matter as it is not seen.  More importantly there is now a barrier between the steel and the wheel splash.


So the car is now on its own four feet, and is getting closer.  I am pretty exhausted after the 6 hours I spent today on the car.  I guess I must be getting old  😉


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