Some Paint, Some Polish and Front Door Electrics

Noting big to report this time….just some small stuff.

The filler panels on top of the headlights looked fine until I dropped a spanner on one and found that the paint had not adhered in the corners.  I masked them up and scraped all of the loose paint off.

IMG_3294  IMG_3295

I then sanded them and followed up with a clean using some methylated spirits.

IMG_3296  IMG_3297

I gave them a couple of light coats of black gloss, followed by a heavier coat.  Not show car quality, but they are now sealed to prevent any rust.

IMG_3298  IMG_3299

Fender Splitters

The fender splitters looked pretty dirty after I had adjusted their position during the hood alignment.  Some Autosol, a rag and some elbow grease sorted that out.  I also fixed a couple of the retainers which weren’t doing much retaining!

IMG_3300  IMG_3301  IMG_3302

A little bit of bling goes a long way!

Front Doors

The front passenger door trim has been wet at some stage, and had curled a little.  I decided to install plastic water shields on the front doors for a start.  This will ensure the back of the door trims stay dry.  I also spent some time trying to get the courtesy lights working in the doors.  The corrosion between the socket and the bullet connectors was so bad that the lights did not work.  Eventually after spending time trying to find out what was happening I got them fixed.


I also spent some time trying to get the drivers power window working (it would only go down).  It turns out there has been some amateur electrical work done on this car!  If I wriggled the wires, the window would go up.  That is what I call an intermittent fault.


I cut and stripped the wires, and installed a bullet connector.  The window works perfectly now.

IMG_3306  IMG_3305

While I was poking around in the kick panel, I also noticed another piece of electrical excellence….  This is for the drivers courtesy light.  I removed the artwork and replaced it with a couple of boring old bullet connectors.  I also spliced in the dome light wiring as this had been run into this cavity, but not connected to anything.



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