Exhaust Stands

I am hoping to have a good crack at building the front half of the exhaust system this weekend.  One thing I needed was some support stands to hold the pipes in place while tacking them.

I need some practice with my MIG welder, so I decided to make them myself.

Earlier in the week I sat down and came up with a design which would be easy to make, and where I could have most of the cutting done by the steel supply.  I purchased the following items from Dandenong Steel (a great bunch of people who always are happy to help):

4 off 25x25x2mm RHS, 220mm long

4 off 20x20x2mm RHS, 230mm long

4 off 150x150x3mm plate

4 off 20x20x3mm angle, 70mm long

1 off 6.3mm round solid section, 500mm long

4 off M10 x 16mm SHS with nuts.

All of this cost me less than $20.  A little bit of time with the MIG welder and a splash of red paint (Thanks Al Bradshaw!!) and I have the following….

IMG_3328  IMG_3327

I am pretty happy with how they turned out, even if some of the welds are a bit dodgy.  Usable height is from 230mm to around 400mm.


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