Not all Vibrations are Good Vibrations….

I noticed last time I ran the engine that the alternator had some vibrations happening at certain engine speeds.  In this case, any vibration is a bad vibration.  The alternator has a rear mounting bolt, which I thought could offer a solution.


Tonight I had a bit of time so I decided to fabricate a rear mount to see if it would eliminate the problem.

I first cut a piece of hot rolled bar and also made a matching piece of cardboard.  The cardboard was to make a pattern of the bends I needed to make.

Once I had worked out the bends I made it so with the steel bar.  Unfortunately the bolt centre was offset to the existing mount, so I had to angle the bend to enable it to fit.  I tend to like order, so a ‘crooked’ bracket is not something I would happily make however in this case I had no option unless I wanted to start fabricating and welding.

After a bit of messing around I drilled the two holes required to link the exhaust manifold and the alternator rear mounting bolt.


The mount was unlikely to reduce the vibration unless it was able to firmly hold the rear of the alternator so I drilled and inserted a second bolt to brace it all together.  After the holes were de-burred I gave it a coat of VHT Flame Proof Black and attached it.


The alternator doesn’t have the same ring when you tap it now, which I hope is a sign of success.  Next time I run the engine we will see!


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