Exhausting progress…

I have been away the last 2 weekends, so I haven’t been able to do anything.  Today I had some time, so I got stuck into it.

I started by adding flanges to the front engine pipes.  This will make it easier to assemble and disassemble if I need to change something.

IMG_3368  IMG_3369

I then started working on getting the RH exhaust over the differential.  This proved to be complex with every angle critical, and a number of compound angles.

IMG_3370  IMG_3371

After a couple of hours I had the pipes all sorted and tacked together.  More importantly I managed to ensure the pipework didn’t touch the body or chassis.

IMG_3372  IMG_3373

IMG_3375  IMG_3376

I decided to start fully welding the pipes together rather than start working on the other side.  It wasn’t always easy to keep the optimum angle of the MIG gun, however the welds got better as I progressed.  Rather than try to weld continuously which would put too much heat into the pipe and create holes, I made a series of short tacks with a pause between each one to let the heat dissipate.

IMG_3377  IMG_3380


I then used my angle grinder to tidy up the welds.  I decided just to flatten off the top of the welds rather then grind them all flush.  It is more about function rather than looking pretty.  If I ground them flush the pipe would end up being thinner around the welds which is not the best outcome.

IMG_3382  IMG_3383

IMG_3386  IMG_3387

I am pretty happy with the results so far…..but there is still a long way to go.


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