Ready to Launch!

Now that the exhaust was finished, there wasn’t a whole lot more to do for a roadworthy.  I spent some time on Sunday going through the main items like the lighting and wiper etc. which all checked out.

I booked it in at Bentleigh Garage for Wednesday and organized a 2 day Unregistered Vehicle Permit so I could drive it there. These guys are straight up, honest and cover everything from current models to classics.  I won’t let anyone else work on my cars, and can’t recommend them enough.

They waved their magic wand over the carburettors (the centre one anyway!) and got it running so much better.  It was a different car when I picked it up tonight, and the short drive home was real nice.

While it was there I had them static balance the wheels so there were no weights on the front side.  This helps make sure the wheel trims don’t fall off.  When I got home I started thinking about the wheel trims which were a bit grubby.  I got stuck into them with some Autosol, and the difference was pretty noticeable.  You can see the before and after below.

IMG_3433  IMG_3434

The guys at Bentleigh Garage also did a Roadworthy Certificate so I can go and get my Club Registration Plates organized tomorrow.

One thing I noticed was the indicators are playing up, and will sometimes blink both sides together.  I will pull the switch out on the weekend and see if I it can be cleaned so it works properly.

All going well, we might be going for a drive on the weekend!  🙂


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