Ticking the boxes…

So now that I have my Club Permit all sorted I need to do things like mount the registration plates.  Front one first.  The plates are longer than the openings so I needed to get creative.  I worked out that if I offset the front plate 35mm forward it would sit across the opening nicely.

IMG_3435  IMG_3436

After looking at bending up some metal brackets I happened upon a piece of timber which was 35mm thick.  How fortunate.  I cut, drilled and painted the said piece of timber and attached it to the bumper bar.

IMG_3437  IMG_3438

Last step was to screw on the plate


Now for the rear, which of course was completely different.  I made up a couple of steel brackets, and then attached a piece of aluminium square channel to support the plate.  Once it was all drilled I gave it a squirt of black paint.

IMG_3440  IMG_3441

I mounted the plate and screwed it to the rear bumper.

IMG_3443  IMG_3444

Turn Signals

The turn signals have been operating a bit randomly so I decided to pull them apart and have a look.  I cleaned it all up and put it back together.  Happy to report that they now seem to have lost their randomness and have settled down.

IMG_3448  IMG_3449

Rear Windows

The rear windows are way out of alignment and weren’t even touching the door seal at the top.  I spent 3 or 4 hours adjusting the rear windows as well as the front LH door and frame.  For the first 2 hours I felt like I was getting nowhere, however it then started to come together.  By the end, it turned out OK – still not perfect, but a whole lot better.

IMG_3445  IMG_3446

Cream on the Cake!

After a day spent sorting these things out I took the car out to fill the gas tank and take it for a 10 mile drive.  It actually drives pretty good.  The brakes pull to the right a bit, but the shoes are all new so I will wait and see how they settle in.

The engine does seem to have a slight miss in it.  😦  I have been going over in my mind all the things it could be from a sticky valve, fouled plug or a broken ring.  I mentioned it to the guys at Bentleigh Garage when I picked it up and they told me to go and drive it and see what happens (probably good advice).

Tonight I took it for a longer drive, and the miss seemed to become less obvious.  I might pull the plugs and see if they tell me anything, but meanwhile I will put some miles on it and see what happens.

There are still plenty of things to do, however it is great that I can at least drive it.


4 thoughts on “Ticking the boxes…

  1. Excellent. Well done getting her back on the road. I was checking a forum this morning and caught the back of a ’59 sedan in one of the photos from the Scoresby Steam Centre…..had to come back to this update to confirm it was yours. Looks good out in the sunlight!


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