Taking it out and then taking it out….

The Debutante

After sorting most things on Saturday, I decided that Sunday was the big day.  The Cadillac and LaSalle club were meeting at the Scoresby Picnic, so I decided to go along.  It was a nice autumn day and not too cool.  I got out of bead early (6:30am) so I had time to wash it and clean the tyres.  I cleaned the tyres using some Jif creme cleanser and a scourer.  The grunge was easily removed, and once had given the tyres a coat of tyre shine they came up sweet.

IMG_3450  IMG_3451

The rest of the car came up pretty well also

IMG_3452  IMG_3453

When we arrived at the picnic, they had a special section reserved for Cadillacs & LaSalles which was nice.  I was in good company, and the car attracted plenty of interest which was nice.  I can’t wait to polish the stainless and the paint.

IMG_3454  IMG_3455

IMG_3456  IMG_3457

I then drove it home again.  although it is running OK and seems to have plenty of go, there is a slight miss most of the time.  It is not right so I decided to investigate a little.  If I can sort this out I might be able to reduce the idle speed which would be a bonus.

Reading the Plugs

I pulled out the plugs to check what they looked like.  From what I can gather from the spark plug manufacturers sites, the timing is pretty well right, however they look a little lean.  Keeping in mind that it was running rich to start with, and it has only done 75 miles I didn’t want to get too excited.  What was more important was that all of the plugs looked very similar.

IMG_3458  IMG_3459  IMG_3460

Digging Deeper

After some more pondering, I decided that there are a couple of things I am going to do.  First I will remove the shims from the heat riser so the manifold gets hot enough to vaporize the fuel.  I can’t help but wonder if poor fuel atomization is contributing to the slight miss.  I am also going to check for vacuum leaks, check the inlet manifold is sealing and will also measure the valve travel to make sure I don’t have a dodgy lifter or cam lobe.

Tonight (Tuesday) I removed the inlet manifold.  There were no visible signs of leakage around the ports which is good.

IMG_3462  IMG_3463

I measured the inlet manifold gaskets to see how big the angle mismatch is between the heads and the manifold.  The results were as follows (measurements in mm):

Inlet Gasket Measurements

It is not as bad as I thought, and I will be able to correct it a little by hand and then reinstall it.  I know as soon as I open up the heat riser passage the paint will get burnt off of the centre runner so I am planning on painting it with the KBS XTC exhaust coating so it doesn’t peel off.

Next job will be checking the valve travel.


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