So How Does It Drive?

I had a couple of things to do today, so I decided to use the Cadillac and put down some miles.

The good news is that the miss is gone.  The engine now runs sweet and smooth with that characteristic American V8 burble.  The exhaust has started to settle in and sounds great except for the rattle at idle coming from the mufflers.  I found a number of comments on the web detailing the rattling issue with Hooker Maximum Flow mufflers, including a video.  This is exactly the noise.  I have sent an email off to Holley to see what they recommend (not expecting much).

I drove across town to Diggers Rest which is out past Melbourne Airport.  This meant that I had the opportunity to drive on the freeway up to 110 kph.  It handled everything without any hassle – it was actually quite a pleasant drive!  There are a couple of noises which I will investigate, but nothing major.

The speedometer has turned out to be very optimistic so I will have to calibrate it against a GPS speedometer in my phone.  The speedo error should not affect the odometer however.  I started the day with 92 miles on the trip meter and finished with 177 miles.

I filled the gas tank up on the way home, and decided that I was brave enough to calculate the fuel consumption.  175 miles and 49.73 litres equates to 16.1 mpg which is better than I expected.

All in all a good day.


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