Rear Plate Light

Although the rear registration plate light works, the lens is all but gone and the metal frame damaged.  I did some research and found a Cadillac lense for a whole lotta money.  After spending some time searching on eBay in the US I found a Chev lens which looked identical.  In the end I bought it.  It arrived today so I got to work on it tonight.


I removed the rear light assembly from the vehicle – it looks like it has had a pretty hard impact at some time.

IMG_3478  IMG_3479  IMG_3481

I spent some time with a hammer and steel block to straighten it all out.  I managed to get it pretty close 🙂

IMG_3482  IMG_3483

IMG_3484  IMG_3485

I cleaned it all up using a wire wheel and then masked up the light globe socket.  I followed this up with a coat of Liquid Chrome paint on the reflector and then covered it with masking tape.

IMG_3486  IMG_3487

I then painted the frame on both sides with high temp black paint.  I like this paint from Paintmobile because it covers really well.

IMG_3488  IMG_3489

I then assembled the light and lens.  Last job was to assemble it back on the car…..easy!

IMG_3490 IMG_3491


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