Tail Light Lenses and Roof Rail Seal

New Tail Light Lenses

A package arrived just over 1 week ago.


It was a new set of tail light lenses which I purchased on eBay.  The price was reasonable, and they were described as very good quality.  I opened the box and found them to be well packaged.  Unfortunately closer inspection revealed them to be just average quality as the surface finish is less than what it should be.


I decided to fit them anyway.  As you can see below the existing lenses have seen better days.  The first step to changing a lens is to remove the screw at the bottom of the fitting and then twist is to release it.

IMG_3508  IMG_3510

There are two screws around the chrome section which are removed to release the lens retainer.  The most important part when installing the new lens is to make sure that the keyed section lines up with the one chrome finger with the clearance.  This prevents the lens rotating when installed.

IMG_3512  IMG_3513

Once you reassemble the lens it can be fitted back to the car.

IMG_3514  IMG_3515

I contacted the eBay seller and questioned their ‘very well made’ comment.  Obviously they have a different standard for quality.  The lenses are better than what was there, so they will do for now.  I will keep an eye out for a NOS one and make a mould so I can produce my own.

Roof Rail Seal

The Roof Rail Seal on the car was not in a good way, especially on the RH side of the car.  The seal was obviously replaced some time recently however the skill level of the installer was not what it needed to be.  The seal was not attached at the rear of the rear windows, and instead of routing the seal at the base of the windscreen they had attached it underneath the panel which allowed large amounts of water to leak in and run down the door trims when it rained or the car was washed.  Pics below show the existing seal.

IMG_3516  IMG_3517


I was fortunate to have a set of seals for a 4 window sedan so I decided to install them.  The pics below show the seals in their correct position on top of the panel at the base of the windscreen.  Hopefully this will solve the water ingress problem.

IMG_3520  IMG_3519

The existing seal had a large number of the small white T shaped door seal retainers damaged and not holding the seal correctly.  I found that the bet technique to install the retainers was to first make sure the hole was clear.  Once this was done I used a piece of round dowelling to gently push the retainer into the hole.  If it didn’t go in easily I moved it around a little until it did.  They do not need a lot of force.



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