Finishing Touches to the Carburettors

Anti Stall Thingo

The 1959 Cadillac has an Anti Stall device fitted which consists of a spring loaded pin which can nudge the throttle a little, and a vacuum diaphragm which retracts the pin when the engine is idling (i.e. high vacuum).  If the engine stumbles or stalls, manifold vacuum drops which allows the spring to push the pin out and give the throttle a nudge.

IMG_3640  IMG_3645

I decided to reinstate the device as it may be handy when the engine is cold and stumbles.  I decided to add a T-piece into the brake vacuum line to pull of manifold vacuum.


I purchased a couple of brass fittings which would give me the desired size fittings and inserted it into the vacuum line.

IMG_3646  IMG_3647

Next tine I drive it I will have to adjust the device so it doesn’t interfere under normal conditions, but still chips in and does its thing when needed

Air Filters

The new air Filters arrived a couple of weeks ago.  My plan was to maximize filter area by using taller filters at the ends.  I paid a visit to my friend Mick (who has a lathe) and adjusted the bases so that there was a 19mm different in height.

This is the same difference in height as the filter elements which should make the tops of the air cleaners all level.  The centre base needs to be higher to clear the automatic choke, so the filter must be shorter.

IMG_3649  IMG_3650

Once this was done I trial fitted one of the air filter elements and found that they were just a little oversize.  This meant that the filter buckled inwards on the long sides.

IMG_3653  IMG_3652

After a little bit of a think I decided to install 5mm grub screws to hold the sides out.  Hopefully once the elements have heat cycled a couple of time they will settle in and hold their shape.

IMG_3654  IMG_3655

Once I had done this on all three filter bases I installed the filters and found that they now sat in place nicely.


A trial fit of the front carb showed that there was a slight interference between one of the screws on the top of the carb and the base.  I used my Dremel to clear some material.  As a bonus, this acts as a location for the filter to keep it aligned!

IMG_3658  IMG_3660

Once this was complete for the front and back base, all I needed to do was put it all together.  I also bought air filter gaskets (between the carb and the base) with the air filters, however the shop sent gaskets that are too small.  As soon as they replace them I will install them as they are an often overlooked part which can be critical to preventing unfiltered air entering the carburettor.

IMG_3663  IMG_3661


Not sure if everyone will like the purple filters, but for me they look great!  I am really looking forward to driving the car to see if the carburettor adjustments have made a difference to starting and driving.


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